Nokia Cellular Phone Repairs

Nokia have been on the forefront of cellular communications for over two decades. The precise software design, combined with Nokia’s flawless innovation, Nokia has become the most popular brand worldwide. Nokia has released its own line of Smart Phones, namely the Nokia E7 & Nokia N8 to compete with Apple and Blackberry. Nokia will always remain on the forefront with mobile communication.

Common Nokia problems and repairs

Nokia Touchpad Digitizer Problem
Nokia have released a variety of models including the popular touchpad digitizer added functions. The Nokia touchpad digitizer must be replaced when damaged.

Nokia LED Problem
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a common repair on all cellular units. This is the most common repair for Nokia units at Cell Comp. The Nokia LCD will crack or display only white pixels when dropped, and needs to be replaced immediately.

Nokia Charging Problem
Nokia have used a variety of charging ports since their first release. They have moved recently from the Nokia Pin Charger, to the mini pin, and finally to the common micro USB charging port. The Nokia charging port must be replaced when damaged.

Nokia Audio Problem
The Nokia Audio problems range from Nokia mic problem, Nokia speaker problem and Nokia Ringer problems. If any of these audio circuits are damaged, the Nokia must be repaired.

Nokia Keypad Problem
Nokia range from QWERTY keypad design to the standard mobile keypad layout. When the Nokia keypad circuits are damaged, either all the keys or a variety of keys will stop working. When the Nokia keypads stop operating, the unit must be repaired.

Nokia Software Upgrades
Nokia Software upgrades are essential. The Nokia software may become slow and sluggish, freeze, or may display an error code (contact service) on start up. If this persists a Nokia software upgrade is necessary.

Nokia Signal Problem
Nokia Signal problems are common fault. When a Nokia is having difficulty with signal strength the unit may need a new Power Amp replacement, or the signal pins are damaged on the pc board.

Nokia Liquid Damage Repairs
Cell Comp has a 95% success rate with all Nokia Liquid damage units. There are several problems that may occur with a Nokia Liquid Damaged unit. The Nokia Keypad and Nokia Scroll may not work, The Nokia Lcd will be blank, The Nokia may have no power and not charge and The Nokia audio circuits may be damaged.

These are just some common Nokia faults and repairs that Cell Comp has mastered.

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