iPhone Repairs

The iPhone was first introduced to cellular networks in 2007. Since its release, the product has molded itself into the popular “Smart Phone” market. 0.

This mobile device is a touch screen operating system with a ‘home’ button that controls navigation, landing pages and multi tasking. Apple is gearing up to release their latest work of art - The iPhone 5.

Common iPhone problems and repairs

iPhone Touchpad Digitizer Problem
The most common repair to The iPhone is the Touch Pad Digitizer. This unit controls the iPhone’s operating system.

iPhone LCD Problem
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a common repair on all Smart Phones. Once the iPhone LCD is cracked, and an ink mark has been detected, the LCD will need to be changed.

iPhone Charging Problem
The iPhone has a charging system that controls not only the charging circuits but the iPod and iPhone sync accessibilities. When The iPhone charging port is damaged, it becomes impossible to get the best performance from the phone.

iPhone Audio Problem
iPhone Audio problems range from iPhone mic problem to iPhone speaker problem to The iPhone Ringer problem. If any of these audio circuits are damaged, the necessary repairs need to be made.

iPhone Home Button Problem
The iPhone home button may be the most frustrating problem any iPhone user will encounter. The iPhone home button controls the phone’s multi tasking and navigation. When the iPhone home button is damaged, the part must be replaced.

iPhone Volume Buttons Problem
The iPhone volume buttons are embedded on the top side of the phone. When the iPhone volume buttons are faulty, the user cannot adjust the volume for comfort’s sake and a repair is inevitable.

iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs
BASS Cellular has a 75% success rate with all iPhone Liquid damage units. There are several problems that may occur with an iPhone Liquid Damaged unit. The iPhone LCD and Digitizer may not work, the iPhone home button may stop operating, the iPhone may have no power and not charge and the iPhone audio circuits may be damaged.

These are just some common iPhone faults and repairs that Cellcomp has come across.

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