Chinese Dual-Sim Phones

The Chinese Dual-Sim phones have become very popular in South Africa. There are many Chinese brands available with The Mobicel brand being the most popular at the moment. BASS Cellular helped create the Mobicel phone, and developed the phone with Internet Settings, Ringtones, Start up Tones and General User Interface assistance.  All software, back up service, enquiries and general repairs relating to The Mobicel phone can be overseen by the BASS Cellular Repair Centre.

BASS Cellular is an official repair centre based in Johannesburg, specialising in The Chinese Dual-Sim Phone.

Common Mobicel and Chinese Dual-Sim Phone problems and repairs

Chinese Dual-Sim Touchpad Digitizer Problem
The Chinese Dual-Sim Phones hosts a number of models that incorporate the Touchpad Digitizer facilities. When the Touchpad Digitizer becomes faulty the Part needs to be replaced.

Chinese Dual-Sim LCD Problem
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a common repair on all cellular units. This is the most common repair for Chinese Dual-Sim phones at BASS Cellular. The Dual-Sim LCD will crack or display white pixels when dropped, and will need urgent replacement.

Chinese Dual-Sim Charging Problem
The Dual-Sim phones have an array of charging ports. Some use Nokia circuits, while others may use micro USB charging ports. The charging block must be replaced when damaged.

Chinese Dual-Sim Audio Problem
The Chinese Dual-Sim audio problems range from Dual Sim mic problem, Daul-Sim speaker problems and Daul-Sim Ringer problems. If any of these audio circuits are damaged, that particular fault must be repaired.

Chinese Dual-Sim Keypad Problem
The Chinese Dual-Sim Keypads are either a QWERTY keyboard operated unit, or a standard keypad operating system. A common fault is that a few (if not all) keypad digits stop working. The Dual-Sim keypad domes or integrated component has been damaged and will need repairing.

Chinese Dual-Sim Liquid Damage Repairs
BASS Cellular has a 90% success rate with all Dual-Sim Liquid damage units. There are several problems that may occur with a Dual-Sim Liquid Damaged unit. The Dual-Sim Keypad and Dual-Sim Scroll may not work, Dual-Sim LCD will be blank, The Dual-Sim may have no power and not charge and The Dual-Sim audio circuits may be damaged.

These are just some common Dual-Sim faults and repairs that BASS Cellular specialises in.

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