Blackberry Repairs

The Blackberry Smart Phone has become the fastest selling model in South Africa, with models ranging from QWERTY keypads to Touch Pad operating systems. The Blackberry brand has its own internet server incorporated with their BBM services. This has helped make Blackberry one of the most popular mobile phones to date.

Common Blackberry problems and repairs

Blackberry Touchpad Digitizer Problem
The Blackberry hosts a few models that incorporate the Touchpad Digitizer facilities. The most common models is The Blackberry Torch (9800) and The Blackberry 9900. When the Blackberry Touchpad Digitizer becomes faulty, it needs to be replaced.

Blackberry LCD Problem
The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a common repair on all cellular units. This is the most common repair for Blackberry units at BASS Cellular. The Blackberry LCD will crack or break or display only white pixels when dropped, and needs to be replaced immediately.

Blackberry Charging Problem 
Blackberry charging systems are used to charge the phone and sync data with a home PC or Mac. Once the Blackberry charging circuits are damaged, the user is unable to charge, backup or restore. This Blackberry Micro USB port will need to be replaced.

Blackberry Audio Problem
Blackberry audio problems range from Blackberry mic problems, Blackberry speaker problems and Blackberry Ringer problems. If any of these audio circuits are damaged, the problem area must be repaired.

Blackberry Keypad Problem
Blackberry Keypads are mostly QWERTY keyboard operated. A common fault is that a few (if not all) Blackberry keypad digits stop working. The Blackberry keypad domes or integrated component is damaged and will need replacing.

Blackberry Scroll and Blackberry Tracking Ball Problem
The Blackberry is designed around its multi functional scroll facilities. The Blackberry Scroll enables multi tasking, browsing and push facilities. This is by far the most common repair BASS Cellular encounters in the workshop. Either the Blackberry scroll (Tracking Ball) must be replaced or the damaged integrated component.

Blackberry Software Upgrades
Blackberry Software upgrades are essential. The Blackberry software may become slow and sluggish, freeze, or may display an error code number (jvm error 102) on start up. If this persists, Blackberry software upgrades are essential.

Blackberry Signal Problem
Blackberry Signal problems are not that common. When a Blackberry is having difficulty with signal strength, the unit may need a new Power Amp replacement, or the signal pins may be damaged on the PC board.

Blackberry Liquid Damage Repairs
Cell Comp has an 88% success rate with all Blackberry Liquid damage units. There are several problems that may occur with a Blackberry Liquid Damaged unit. The Blackberry Keypad and Blackberry Scroll may not work, the Blackberry LCD will be blank, the Blackberry may have no power and may not charge and The Blackberry audio circuits may become damaged.

These are just some common Blackberry faults and repairs that BASS Cellular has mastered.

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