Turn-around time - 48 hours

48 hour turnaround time

On cosmetic repairs (Eg: speaker, microphone, LCD + software upgrades etc), we offer customers an average of 48 hours turn-around time.

On repairs that fall into the level one and two category (Eg: charger pin circuit, RF faults, keypad circuit etc), we offer an average of 48 hours turn-around time.

Over the years, we have found that 50% of new phones need only cosmetic repairs, and a further 30% will fall under the level 1 and 2 categories.

A further 20% will fall under level 3 to 5 repairs, and the balance will fall under OBF (out of box failures), which are ultimately returned to the manufacturer for exchange.

A Repair Centre with well trained staff guarantees that most problems will be resolved on site, saving time and money, resulting in a satisfied client.