Blackberry Repairs

We repair all Blackberrys and common faults and repairs including Blackberry Touchpad Digitizer, Blackberry LCD, Blackberry Charging, Blackberry Audio, Blackberry Keypad, Blackberry Scroll and Blackberry Tracking Ball Problem, Blackberry Software Upgrades, Blackberry Signal and Blackberry Liquid Damage Repairs.

iPhone Repairs

We repair iPhones, including iPhone Touchpad Digitizer Problem, iPhone LCD Problem, iPhone Charging Problem, iPhone Audio Problem, iPhone Home Button Problem, iPhone Volume Buttons Problem and iPhone Liquid Damage Repairs.

Nokia Repairs

We handle some common Nokia faults and repairs including Nokia Touchpad Digitizer Problem, Nokia LED Problem, Nokia Charging Problem, Nokia Audio Problem, Nokia Keypad Problem, Nokia Software Upgrades, Nokia Signal Problem and Nokia Liquid Damage Repairs.

Chinese Dual-Sim

Some common Dual-Sim faults and repairs that we specialise in are Chinese Dual-Sim Touchpad Digitizer Problem, Chinese Dual-Sim LCD, Chinese Dual-Sim Charging, Chinese Dual-Sim Audio, Chinese Dual-Sim Keypad and Chinese Dual-Sim Liquid Damage Repairs.

Cellular Repairs

Cell Comp is a Repair Centre based in Johannesburg that offers repairs to all makes of cellular handsets and smart phones. Our service clientele includes Walk in Customers, Dealerships, Contractual Service Providers & Corporate Companies.

Our technicians are highly trained and fully au fait with all makes of handsets available in the region today.

We take pride in fault finding, high end repairs and taking on repairs to models of phones that other major repair centres and suppliers will not take on, especially out of warrantee repairs.

Furthermore, we have been involved in branding and customising of mobile units. Eg: Ringtones, start up tones, software design and more.
We can offer personalised audio branding to corporate companies as an added benefit.


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